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August 25, 2009

Absolut celebrates Boston in third stop on its favorite-cities tour

Posted on Tue Aug 25 2009


Absolut is toasting Boston with the latest addition to its limited-edition vodkas based on America's favorite cities. Since 2007, it has concocted blends in honor of Los Angeles and New Orleans. Now, it's Boston's turn. Absolut Boston is made with black tea (because of the tea party) and elderflower (because it's the trendy new ingredient). The bottle features what appears to be the Green Monster on its label. The vodka maker has ample opportunity to truly embrace the city by including the terms "wicked awesome" and "go Sawx" on its marketing materials. Some suggested print campaigns include "Absolut Chowdah" and "Absolut Dig" (in honor of the city's glorious road renovation project). Or perhaps an ad could read "Absolut Amnesia" along with the ad copy, "Where'd I paahk my friggin' caah?"

—Posted by Kenneth Hein


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