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July 16, 2009

In Los Angeles, a naked Terrell Owens isn't everyone's cup of tea

Posted on Thu Jul 16 2009


There's nothing more truthful in advertising than going au naturel, but apparently you can't handle the truth, Los Angeles! For VH1's campaign for The T.O. Show, NFL star Terrell Owens went buck naked on billboards. See a larger image here. The placement even coincided with National Nude Week. However, the Owens image at La Cienega and Olympic received numerous complaints thanks to its proximity to a private Jewish elementary school. The poster, which doesn't reveal any appendages that aren't kosher, has been swapped with another shot showing the athlete's upper back and arms spread like eagle wings. Meanwhile, vendor CBS Outdoor moved the sexier shot to a billboard on Santa Monica at Palm—in way-gay-friendly West Hollywood. The T.O. Show premieres Monday, July 20.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp


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