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May 06, 2009

You will drink McDonald's premium coffee, and you will enjoy it

Posted on Wed May 6 2009

Great. As if its food weren't bad enough, McDonalds is getting more advertising ready to shove down our throats. The focus: coffee. It's been trying to conquer ground ceded by Starbucks over the past year with its McCafé line of coffee drinks, and is trying on a classier, multicultural image to win people over to the cheaper product. Of course, it's doing it with a heavy-handed, brash media blitz, which defeats the purpose somewhat, but whatever. The Los Angeles Times article linked above makes a fuss over the campaign's "diacritical issue," which revolves around Americans being afraid of the accent mark at the end of McCafé. But if anything's going to turn off potential customers, it's McDonalds trying too hard to be Starbucks Jr. McDonalds is a big fat loud dollop of Americana, and will be as long as it serves crappy fast food. The advantages it has over Starbucks, as I see it, are that it's cheaper and that the cashier doesn't correct you with stupid company lingo when you order something wrong. Basing some of its marketing on that would be less patronizing than expecting us to ignore the cartoony media images it's been using for 50 years.

—Posted by David Kiefaber


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