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May 04, 2009

Lowe's takes page from 'SNL' script in latest its price message

Posted on Mon May 4 2009

Lowe's is at it again. This time, to prove how low its prices are, it has co-opted Seth Meyers' "Really?" sketch from Saturday Night Live. "Really?" says the couple shopping for floor tiles when they see the prices at Lowe's. Relying on humor, albeit someone else's, is far better than claiming to have the lowest prices—lower than anyone, anywhere, which had been the previous tack. Having a little fun with the pricing jibes with the joyousness of the spring season, when many people are happily looking to fix thing around the house, get organized and get a little dirty landscaping. Still, in these tight times, Lowe's might have to compete with consumers who might simply borrow tools from a neighbor—sort of like Lowe's borrowed the SNL skit. (This is becoming something of a trend. Pepsi crashed the MacGruber skit and aired it during the Super Bowl.) I wonder if Lowe's has to pay Lorne Michaels' writing team royalties? At the very least, each writer should get a $25 gift card so they can buy some mulch.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein


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