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May 18, 2009

American Apparel pays up to settle its lawsuit with Woody Allen

Posted on Mon May 18 2009


Woody Allen's likeness is worth a few ducats, after all. American Apparel, the L.A. clothing company known for its tight T-shirts and kiddie-porn-looking marketing, just settled a lawsuit by agreeing to pay $5 million to the Oscar-winning filmmaker. Allen had sued the company for using an image of him from Annie Hall in a 2008 billboard and Web ad campaign. American Apparel had argued that Allen was worthless as a corporate spokesman—in other words, it couldn't have harmed his reputation, because his reputation's already terrible—because of that whole affair-with-his-stepdaughter thing. The marketer's attorney had planned to dig into that scandalous history in a trial that was due to open today in federal court in New York. Instead, the marketer coughed up the bucks and the case has been dropped. Allen initially sued for $10 million, saying he has carefully controlled his image over the years and hasn't done any commercials since his struggling stand-up days in the '60s. Good thing this is over. Allen's mug being used by a company that dresses pre-pubescent girls in clingy cotton already had that ick factor in spades.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley


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