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April 16, 2009

Maybe just buy a giant roll of toilet paper and be set for the year

Posted on Thu Apr 16 2009


Holy moly, that's some roll of toilet paper. It was created by Marcal and displayed in New York's Times Square to promote the company's new Small Steps line. The collection includes facial and bath tissue, napkins and wipes, all made from 100 percent recycled materials. The giant roll (try putting your arms around it!) represents how much toilet paper the average American family uses in one year. And did you know you can spare 34 trees from the axe if you switch to recycled paper products? Hmm…lots of toilet-centered activity going on in Times Square recently. Maybe Marcal should team up with Charmin for the next New Year's Eve "Luxurious Relief" program. Free potty and wipes, anyone?

—Posted by Elaine Wong


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