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April 02, 2009

Heineken's ads becoming a lot funnier than Bud and Bud Light's

Posted on Thu Apr 2 2009

When it comes to laugh-out-loud TV commercials, Budweiser and Bud Light get all the props. But one beer brand that's stepped up its game, though it often goes unnoticed, is Heineken. The slightly skunky-tasting import dropped the pretentious act a number of years ago and has positioned itself as an everyman's beer—albeit a superior one. (It even got Zoolander into the act.) Its latest ad in heavy rotation shows women getting excited about a closet full of shoes, only to be drowned out by men screaming about a closet full of beer. The spot surely looks like a page torn out of the Bud playbook, but frankly it's a hell of a lot funnier than any of the aimless "Drinkability" ads that Bud Light has been airing. Still, neither Bud nor Heineken created the best beer ad of all time. That honor goes to Guinness.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein


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