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February 03, 2009

YouTube beginning to really be infested by Google Chrome ads

Posted on Tue Feb 3 2009

Chrome-on-YouTube copy

Google is so eager to get people to download its new Chrome Web browser that it's been busy planting ads for the software everywhere on YouTube—and not in a subtle way, either.
  Ironically, Google says Chrome "combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology." But when advertising it on YouTube, Google uses the maximum space any banner ad should take up in a video, with a very intrusive "Download" button. And if you miss the in-video ads (which is not easy to do), it's also flogged on the YouTube homepage. According to reports, Google is gearing up to release a version of Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux, since it's currently available only for Windows. And what better way to get millions of consumers to notice the browser than to hype it up on one of the biggest social networks around (which Google also happens to own)?

—Posted by Elena Malykhina


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