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February 11, 2009

Green M&M bares all for the 'Sports Illustrated' swimsuit edition

Posted on Wed Feb 11 2009


Take it off! Take it all off, Ms. M&M!
  The chocolate candy's sassy green model bares all in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. See the full ad here, along with another pic of Green in her swimsuit/shell. (She looks hotter than the real models in the magazine, no?) With the soft-core ad, parent Mars Snackfood hopes to build buzz for its limited-edition Valentine's Day green M&Ms. Called "The Green Ones," the candies feature teaser messages like "Hug Me," "Hey Baby, Surprise Me," and "XOXO." (Couples can also learn how to say, "I love you," in different languages at mms.com.)
  There's also an online contest for a steamy trip to Paris. With more than 6,800 entries already, we gotta get our act together. Oh, Ms. Green M&M, will you be our Valentine?

—Posted by Elaine Wong


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