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February 17, 2009

Do not attempt, even if you have 24 washers and a giant truck

Posted on Tue Feb 17 2009

Maytag wanted to show how tough its Performance Series of washers and dryers are, so it's running an ad that shows a monster truck driving over two rows of them. Despite some skepticism on YouTube ("Dude, there is no way a washer and/or dryer can support no damn 18,000-20,000 LB monster truck without being damaged in some kind of way"), we'll give Maytag the benefit of the doubt that the stunt is on the up and up. The thing we won't ignore, though, is probably the funniest disclaimer on TV right now.
  "Do not attempt, professional driver" reads the fine print on the version airing on TV. (The disclaimer isn't on this YouTube version.) Since most of the population wouldn't need such a disclaimer, we assume it's aimed at either: 1) someone who has a monster truck and a few dozen of these machines, or 2) someone who doesn't, but who has a lot of money and time and really, really wants to find out if the stunt is doable in real life. You have to figure such people won't be put off by Maytag's disclaimer anyway.
  As for us, we'll stick to throwing watermelons off the roof and putting old iPods in the blender.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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