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January 20, 2009

For better or worse, 'Guitar Hero' players want real instruments

Posted on Tue Jan 20 2009

The thing we all love about video games is the fantasy element: You get to save the world, get the girl or just blow a bunch of crap up. Guitar Hero taps right into that, enabling people to indulge their inner rock star. Unlike other games, however, Guitar Hero seems to be encouraging some crossover from fantasy into reality.
  In a new poll by Guitar Center, two-thirds of people who play Rock Band or Guitar Hero said they are now likely to begin playing a real instrument within the next two years. Guitar Center has noticed. It reported a 26.9 percent spike in same-store sales for the first nine months of 2008. Among the most popular items: beginner-level electric guitars. (Maybe the fantasy is best left unrealized after all.)
  No word on how many people plan to take singing lessons so they can be like Seal and bag Heidi Klum, who is featured in the latest Guitar Hero ads.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein


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