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December 18, 2008

Truvia and PureVia opening a new front in the sweetener wars

Posted on Thu Dec 18 2008

Throw away your Equal, your Sweet'N Low, your NutraSweet, your Splenda. The next big names in the sweetener market are Truvia and PureVia.
  Both are all-natural, not artificial, and have zero calories. Both are derived from the herb stevia, which explains the via on the end of their names. Truvia is from Coca-Cola; PureVia is from PepsiCo. And with federal regulators this week approving their use in new products, they're off and running—Coke is using Truvia in an upcoming reduced-calorie version of Sprite called Sprite Green; Pepsi is working on three flavors of a zero-calorie SoBe Lifewater featuring PureVia.
  A stevia-based sweetener isn't perfect. As The Wall Street Journal reports: "Not every beverage tastes good with it: Citrus-flavored products work well, but scientists are still trying to find a way to create the iconic cola taste. The new sweetener is also about three times more expensive than commonly used artificial sweeteners, partly because of its small scale."
  At this early stage, Truvia seems to have the upper hand in terms of marketing. It's got a handful of TV commercials already produced (including the one above), and its tagline, ""Honestly sweet," beats PureVia's rather clunky "Welcome to the next generation of sweet."

—Posted by Tim Nudd


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