Ken Jeong finally put to good use in new Adidas TV commercial

By Todd Wasserman on Tue Oct 19 2010


Ken Jeong, who BrandFreak earlier noted was wasted in an Emmy tie-in with Infiniti, redeems himself in this new Adidas spot from 180LA. Jeung seems to be in character as Mr. Chow from The Hangover here, riding his solid-gold jet ski and acting the fool as his butler takes a leaf blower to all that cash on the lawn. In the end, Jeong can't beat D. Rose in a game of one-on-one, but it doesn't seem to bother him. After all, Jeong can still stand atop a "lady pyramid." See the spot after the jump.

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Sony 3-D televisions are great, but do not take off those glasses

Posted on Fri Jun 18 2010

Warning: Don't take off your 3-D glasses. Otherwise, you'll fall flat. At least, that's what happens in this new spot promoting Sony's 3-D televisions. In the ad, from agency 180, football star Peyton Manning and pop sensation Justin Timberlake get a guided tour of Sony's 3D-enhancing movie, PlayStation and sports programming capabilities. As they walk around the super-high-tech room, they express their admiration for the new technologies until—no!—Mr. Bringing Sexy Back takes off his 3-D glasses. Oh, the horror! Both Timberlake and Manning instantly collapse into 2-D, as does everything else in the room. (Can't say their sultry hot tour guide didn't warn them!) Fortunately, due to their athletic and dancing abilities, both bounce back. "You haven't seen 3-D until you've seen it on a Sony," says the voiceover. Uh-huh.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Santa surrounded by asses in latest Boost Mobile 'Unwrong'd' ad

Posted on Tue Nov 17 2009

Boost Mobile's "Unwrong'd" campaign has already delved into "wrong" topics like women with excessive armpit hair and a "man baby." So, naturally, it's moved on to Santa Claus. In this ad, Santa has had to cut back because of his high cell-phone rates. Instead of reindeer, he's using mules, and the North Pole factory equipment seems to be faulty. What's more, there's a giant elf, territory that Will Ferrell has already colonized. Considering all the "wrong" places that Boost and agency 180LA could have gone with Santa, this is pretty mild stuff.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Boost Mobile's armpit-hair lady honored for grossing out viewers

Posted on Wed Sep 9 2009

Taking risks often yields positive results in marketing. Unfortunately for Boost Mobile, this ad with the hairy-armpit lady by ad agency 180 was a bit too hairy for viewers to enjoy. The commercial has gotten more than 190,000 views on YouTube since February, along with mostly negative comments about the woman with waist-length armpit hair trying to sell the provider's $50 monthly cell-phone plan. Boost thought it would be clever to have the woman point out how wrong it is for other cell-phone providers to charge hidden fees—even more wrong than letting your armpit hair reach unmanageable lengths. Sadly, most viewers didn't get the point and were grossed out by the whole comparison. Now, the spot has earned the title of worst ad in MSNBC's summer TV commercial contest. Given how it's been received, I assume Boost Mobile won't be bringing back the armpit lady anytime soon.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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